SmartPalate System

The SmartPalate System is bio-feedback technology that creates a digital visualization of how a person’s tongue functions during speech. We can integrate it easily into our speech therapy treatments for appropriate patients. Patients place the custom-made Smart Palate in their mouth and speak. While they are speaking a visual representation of what is happening in the mouth is presented on a screen. With this technology, patients can see how they should move their tongue in order to produce a sound correctly.

There are three parts to the SmartPalate System:

smartpalate system

1. The SmartPalate mouthpiece is custom-made with over 100 gold sensors that accurately capture tongue placement.

2. Information received from the mouthpiece, as well as audio input, is processed by the DataLink.

3. The SmartPalate Software converts the information from the DataLink into a visual representation of your mouth.

The SmartPalate System can be used for patients with articulation disorders, developmental disabilities, and patients with hearing issues. In short, the Smart Palate System helps patients speak better faster. Please view this video for more information:

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